Cell of IS arrested in Manbij

The media center of Manbij Military Council indicated that the Anti-Terrorist Units of the Manbij Military Council had arrested a cell belonging to IS in Manbij that was undermining security and stability.


The Media Center of Manbij Military Council today issued a statement to the public, saying that Anti-Terrorist Units had arrested a cell of 5 persons belonging to IS in Manbij.

The statement said:

" Anti-Terrorist Units successfully carry out their missions in the capture of terrorist cells in Manbij.

Through the qualitative operations and continued pursuit of the sleeper terrorist cells, and their continuous follow-up of the mercenaries who infiltrated from the Bagouz, who are working to destabilize and to carry out terrorist acts, the Anti-Terrorist Units of the Manbij Military Council carried out an operation against mercenaries and IS cells where 5 mercenaries were arrested.

The efforts continue to maintain the safety within the city and to pursue these cells .



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