Chaos, non-compliance in Syrian government areas, people demand it to coordinate with AA

​​​​​​​The people of al-Hasakah city complain of chaos and neglect in the areas under the control of the Syrian government, demanded it to coordinate with the Autonomous Administration (AA), and they thanked the Autonomous Administration for what it provides to the citizens.

Corona virus is spreading rapidly in many countries of the world, claiming thousands of lives on a daily basis. To prevent its emergence and spread in our regions, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has taken several precautionary measures; suspending hours in schools and institutions, closing the border crossings, in addition to implementing the curfew decision in all regions.

Thus, the curfew decision has been implemented in the areas of the Autonomous Administration by approximately 90%, amid the closure of cafes, restaurants and many shops, while allowing some of the shops where work requires continuation, such as the shops of selling food and bakeries.

As for the areas under the Syrian government, the curfew is not applied well, as many shops and cafes are open.

This is why the residents complain of chaos in these areas, as their soldiers enter and leave the city without undergoing medical tests to detect the virus.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed a number of al-Hasakah people who have complained of chaos in the areas of the Syrian government at a time when all countries of the world are taking precautionary measures to prevent this virus.

The citizen Abdel Latif Saadi from al-Salihiyya neighborhood said, "We hope that there will be coordination between the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian government because this disease does not have mercy on anyone. The Syrian government should take the necessary measures and tests for its soldiers before entering and leaving a certain area."

Saadi thanked the Autonomous Administration for the curfew it imposed on its regions and considered it a positive thing for the citizens.

The citizen Abdel Baqi Mohamed from al-Nasirah neighborhood says, "The citizens coming from the areas of the Syrian government must conduct the necessary tests, whether by the Autonomous Administration or the Syrian government because if this disease enters our areas, there will be a disaster."

 Mohamed called on the countries of the world to provide medical assistance to our regions in order to prevent this virus.

Mohamed thanked the people who abide by the decisions and measures taken by the Autonomous Administration to prevent the emergence of the Corona virus.

For his part, the citizen Radwan Mohamed noted that "the Syrian government has negligence in imposing the necessary measures on the people inside its areas, in addition to that it does not want to coordinate with the Autonomous Administration for unknown reasons."

Radwan Mohamed added, "The Syrian government soldiers move among the regions without supervision or taking samples from them, and this causes fear and panic from the spread of this disease in the provinces among the citizens."

Mohamed pointed out that "in the areas of the Autonomous Administration, the stores are closed by 80%, but when we go to the regions of the Syrian government, we find the stores open, and this is a negative thing, especially as we suffer from a great shortage of equipment and medicines."

In conclusion, Radwan Mohamed called on the Syrian government to adhere and coordinate with the Autonomous Administration to prevent the spread of this disease.



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