Child, woman's corpses and dozens of wounded arrived from Zarghan to Ad-Darbasiyah hospitals

This evening, the corpses of a child and a woman, in addition to more than 10 wounded arrived from Zarghan district, which is being bombarded by the Turkish occupation, to hospitals in Ad-Darbasiyah district.

ANHA correspondent reported that a baby and a woman lost their lives as a result of the shelling of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Zarghan district this evening, in addition to the injury of a number of other civilians, most of whom are women and children who arrived this evening to hospitals in Ad-Darbasiyah district.

According to what the correspondent documented, the woman who lost her life is called "Nada Dakham Mesikh," while the identity of the dead child is not yet known.

While the names of the wounded who arrived at Ad-Darbasiyah Hospital are "the child Abdullah Youssef Khayer, a year and a half, his uncle Hassen Ibrahim Hamid and Ahmed Nidal Hassen, the girl Feryal Suleiman Jamro, 4 years old, Aras Hassen, 12 years old, Mohamed Faisal Hassen, 13 years old, Yildiz Faisal Hassan, 21, Salama Saleh Hazin who is at 45, Asma Abdel Aziz Temmo, 18 years old, and Hadla Temmo, 65 years old."

In addition, some serious cases were transferred to hospitals in Qamishlo and Al-Hasakah.



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