​​​​​​​Circassian: Erdogan's occupation is a complement of ancestors'

"What Erdogan is doing in occupying Gire Spi and Seri Kania areas, is an application of his predecessors' policy in  exterminating the peoples of the region who co-live in peace," the Circassian, Wafa Pasha, who abandoned her home as the result of  Turkey's attack in northern and eastern Syria.

Four years ago, Wafa Pasha, of The Circassia component, was forced to flee Aleppo city as the result of the intensified fighting in the town of Sa'il in Gire Spi, but more than two months ago, she abandoned her home once again after the Turkish attack on the area and occupation of Gire Spi/Tal Abyad district.

 Wafa Pasha is now staying at in the self-administered Gire Spi/Tal Abyad displaced camp that was established by the Autonomous Administration in Tal al-Saman village , north of Raqqa, along with dozens of families who were displaced from Gire Spi after occupying it by Turkey.

"We were forcibly displaced from our house after Turkey's attack and its mercenaries on Silok area, we initially determined to survive in our areas despite repeated threats on our areas, but the indiscriminate shelling of villages and towns, forced us to leave our homes out of fear over our families," Wafa said.

"During its barbaric attack, it didn’t make difference between an Arab, a Kurd or a Circassia,  contrary to what it claims on the media, he did not target some of the components in the region," she said.

Wafa pointed out that "the coexistence of the components with each other with love and peace in the areas of northern and eastern Syria angered Erdogan, who tried to occupy it and his latest attack to disperse this democratic project, but failed and will fail with his plan because our will and love for each other is greater, even when we left our homes we are now living at a camp that includes all the spectra."

"Erdogan's goal is clear to the world, which is silent about its crimes against us,  is to cut off the largest area of Syrian territory and annex it to his state to restore the policy of his Ottoman predecessors, who committed the most heinous massacres and crimes against the minorities of Circassia, Armenians and others," she said.

In the end of her speech, Wafa stressed that they would not forget their land from which they had been displaced and would continue to demand it in all the legitimate ways guaranteed by the international rights and conventions.

Gire Spi camp, which was established by the District Council in cooperation and coordination with Al Raqqa Civil Council on November 22 last year, is home to 983 displaced from all components "Arabs, Kurds, Circassians, Armenians" from the areas of  Gire Spi and its countryside, were occupied by Turkey after its recent attack on northern and eastern Syria on 9 October of last year.



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