Citizen  from Afrin loses his life due to lack of medicines

A citizen from Afrin in Berxwedan camp in al-Shahba canton lost his life due to the lack of medical equipment and the lack of required medicines in the canton.


Citizen Sadeq Hassan, 68 years old, from Bakhjah village of Bilbile district in Afrin canton, like thousands of Afrin residents who were forced to leave their villages because of the shelling of the Turkish occupation, to reside in Berxwedan camp in Fafin district of al-Shahba canton.

Sadeq suffers from the disease of the "stomach nerve", and because of the absence of hospitals and the availability of medicines for his illness Sadeq's condition worsened, to be transferred by his family to a hospital in Zahra town, where the wife was exploited by a taxi driver was taking them to the hospital although the distance between the camp and the Zahra does not exceed 10 kilometers.

As soon as Sadeq arrived at the hospital, who was suffering from severe pain in his stomach, he was injected with a painkiller. He did not provide any treatment. Sadeq lost his life at Zahra Hospital.

After Sadeq lost his life, the hospital provided one blanket of aid to the wife of Sadeq in the amount of two thousand Syrian pounds to bury the deceased and bring him back to the canton.

It is reported that two children from Afrin living in al-Shahba canton lost their lives a week ago due to lack of medical equipment and the lack of humanitarian aid to the Afrin residents.



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