Civilian casualties in neighborhoods of Aleppo

The mercenaries of "Haiet Tahrir al-Sham" stationed north-west of Aleppo, fired a number of shells that fell on the neighborhood of Khalidiya in Aleppo and led to the injury of a number of civilians.

ANHA correspondent reported that the mercenaries on Monday evening targeted the city of Aleppo with a number of shells, where at least 11 shells landed in the neighborhood of Khalidiya north of Aleppo, according to information, that injured a number of civilians.

A number of rockets landed in al-Qalaji Square in the Nile Street neighborhood, and there were no reports of injuries or damage.

On the other hand, the Syrian regime forces are responding to the positions of the mercenaries with artillery shelling, while the Syrian regime warplanes are hovering over the area, and the shelling of several sites has been heard.



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