Civilian victims of the bombing of the regime on the town of Kafr Oweid

Five civilians, including two children and a woman were killed during the bombing of the Syrian regime aircraft on the town of Kafr Oweid in the area of ​​Maarat al-Nu'man in Idlib as the number of raids on the southern regions of Idlib rose to 42 raid since morning.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights documented the killing of Syrian army planes in the town of Kafr Uweid in the Ma'arat al-Nu'man area of ​​Idlib, which killed five civilians, including two children and a woman, and injured 10 others.

The number of raids carried out by the regime forces since the morning has increased to at least 42 raids targeting Maara Horma, Kafruid, Maarana Seyn, Hazarin, Mount Arbaeen, Safwan, Kanafra, Ahsem, Deir Snabel, Al-Faqeef, Qafranbal area, Khan Sheikhun, Tirmala, Sheikh Mustafa, Aribneh and Karsa in southern Idlib countryside.

While the axis of Kubana in Kurd Mount in the northern countryside of Latakia, the regime forces heavily shelled it with dozens of missiles.


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