Civilians displaced to safe areas, SDF protect them

Hundreds of civilians living in al-Bagouz , which is witnessing the fiercest battles between Syrian Democratic Forces and IS mercenaries, displaced to liberated areas by choosing the desert road.


SDF started the last battle to eliminate IS mercenaries in east and west of Syria in al-Bagouz village east of Hajin town of Dier ez-Zor countryside.

After the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the last operation against the mercenaries in al-Bagouz, hundreds of people have been displaced since the morning towards the points of concentration of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) across the desert.

In this context the commander in SDF Ayman al-Assaf noted that the displaced people are fleeing throughout the day through the roads secured by SDF, and a group of our forces move them to the safe areas after the search for the mercenaries who are hiding among civilians.

He added, "Hundreds of civilians are used as human shields against our troops' strikes, so our forces are advancing slowly."

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated more than 2 Km2 from al-Bagouz village this morning, while hundreds of mercenaries are in the village.



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