Civilians injuries in al-Bab city's battles

Civilians were injured as a result of battles between Turkish mercenaries in the northern city of al-Bab.

Sources reported that clashes erupted between the mercenaries of the National Army and Ala Khuzama gang both of them belonging to the Turkish occupation army, in the city of al-Bab, and confirmed that the fighting is taking place in the popular neighborhoods and exactly on Corniche Street.

The sources noted that civilians were wounded as a result of street fighting between mercenary gangs, and Hawar news agency (ANHA) was able to obtain the pictures of them showing the extent of their injuries, while the sources could not know the names yet.

Clashes are still continuing in the city, with reports of civilian casualties.

The areas occupied by Turkey since 2016 are witnessing security insecurity as a result of fighting and killings.



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