Çiya Firat: We are besieging  IS mercenaries, we to announce good news soon

The leader of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign Çiya Firat said that they are now besieging IS in a distance of only 700 m2, and that the reason for the slow campaign is the civilians who are d used as human shields and they have freed 10 of their captured, saying that they will announce good news to the whole world.


Çiya Firat held a press conference today in the countryside of Deir ez-Zor attended by spokesman of the media office of the Syrian Democratic Forces Mustafa Bali, and a number of commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, in addition to a large number of media.

IS mercenaries are besieged and we are slowly advancing to protect civilians.

At the beginning of his speech, Çiya Firat said that mercenaries were now trapped in a distance between 600 and 700 m2 he added, "We are advancing cautiously. The reason for our slow campaign is the presence of civilians who are used human shields, and we are trying to protect their lives."

We liberated 10 of our captured

Çiya Firat said, "We have a number of captured in the hands of IS mercenaries and we managed to free 10 of them."

We liberated thousands of civilians and offered them assistance

Çiya Firat said, "We have managed to liberate thousands of civilians through the safe corridors we have opened for them, and we have given them aid."

IS defeat will be soon

Çiya said "IS defeat will not take days, and we will announce good news to the region and the world soon."

We to continue our struggle against IS.

At the end of his speech Çiya Firat said, "We will continue our struggle against sleeper cells of IS."



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