Clan elders: Colonial countries are ones who fueled sedition in Syria

The elders al-Hanada and Albu Assaf clans pointed out that the countries that are striving to achieve the greatest political and economic gains at the expense of the blood of the Syrian people have turned the course of the revolution from peaceful to armed, pointing out that the Syrian-Syrian dialogue called by the Administration of North and East of regions of Syria is the best solution to the Syrian crisis.


The talk of al- Hanada clan elder Ibrahim al-Isa and the elder Albu Assaf Obeid al-Hassan came during interviews conducted by Hawar News Agency(ANHA) to talk about the beneficiaries of prolonging the Syrian crisis, which entered yesterday the ninth year.

Ibrahim al-Isa said that the beneficiary of prolonging the Syrian crisis are the enemies of the Syrian people, pointing out that they are igniting the fire of sedition by with their internal agendas, who are called the Brigades and the Free Army factions and IS mercenaries, and supporting them Military, thereby achieving as much of its political and economic gains as possible.

Al-Isa added, "The solution lies in the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, which is called for by the Autonomous Administration of North and East of the regions and the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) which are working on it through the dialogue held recently " Meeting and Building "which brought together the majority of internal and external opposition groups to unite their visions to solve the Syrian crisis, between them and the Damascus government.

Ibrahim al-Isa explained that the solution must be internal and through inclusive dialogue between the Syrians and should not wait for the solution from abroad.

The Syrian revolution, which soon turned into a crisis and a complex war, entered its ninth year on March 15, 2019.

The revolution began in 2011 in the province of Daraa peacefully called for reform and fight corruption represented by the structure of the regime, but soon a number of countries changed the course of the revolution and armed it and the proxy war began on the Syrian geography.

In a related context, the clan elder of Albu Assaf, Obeid al-Hassan said that "the intelligence of the countries are the ones who transformed the course of the Syrian revolution from peaceful to armed, which destroyed the infrastructure of Syria and made it impossible to solve the crisis, because they benefited from the long period of the Syrian crisis by achieving their political interests in favor of colonialism countries acting on their behalf."

He concluded that "the solution stems from the application of the principle of autonomous administration which include the whole components of the Syrian people, which seeks to resolve the Syrian crisis through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and renounce fighting on the sectarian principle between the factions on the Syrian arena."



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