Clans Forum emphasizes Syrian territorial unity, liberation of occupied lands

The participants stressed the unity of the Syrian territories and the liberation of the occupied territories, the rejection of any discrimination on the basis of nationality, religion and gender, and the need to recognize the shared responsibility to resolve the Syrian crisis and spread peace in Syria.

The Syrian Clans Forum, held under the slogan "Syrian clans protect society and safeguard its social contract", concluded in the town of Ain Issa in northern Syria under the auspices of the Syrian Democratic Council by issuing a final statement.

After a number of speeches by the audience, the notable of the Bakara clan, Hajim Asaad al-Bashir, read the final statement of the forum, which was attended by representatives of some 70 Syrian clans and tribes, as well as representatives of all components from different regions of Syria, representatives of civil society organizations, Democratic Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria.

The text of the final statement:

Under the slogan "Syrian clans protect the Syrian society and protect its social contract" a large number of Syrian clans, dignitaries of the Syrian society, and with the participation of civil society institutions and various community actors from various Syrian regions have met the Syrian Democratic Council's invitation.

The attendees appreciate the great victories achieved by Syrian Democratic Forces over terrorism, which does not belong to the culture of Syria, present and future and appeal of the sacrifices different components have offered to put an end to the black state geographically and militarily, which threat continues in levels and forms that is hiding under. Today, the danger of terrorism is still visible to everyone as long as the sleeper cells are present and the cultural structure remains influential in the areas occupied by Daesh; for this reason, we find ourselves as heads of clans and dignitaries that it is our duty to support the security forces and the civil administration, even to eliminate the evils of mentality and existence stressing that the developments of the Syrian crisis and the general crises in the Middle East and the world are leading to serious situations in light of the wrong approach practiced by those who interfere in the Syrian affairs, and by the centralized authority in Damascus about the Syrian society and its true forces and the general community activities including Syrian tribes. In this regard, the Syrian authorities have come close to the establishment of modern Syria; especially in recent times, a vision contrary to the reality of the tribes as one of the most important pillars of Syrian society to contribute to the protection and revitalization of the society. Today it can prove to all that it is able to play its natural role as a real force in promoting civil peace and the preservation of the brotherhood of the peoples and the unity of their destiny, and in making a qualitative leap forward in sustainable development in light of the gains made in general, especially in northern Syria and the entire north and east of Syria; realizing that the Syrian solution is political and military solution will lead to destruction, and that one of the most important obstacles and challenges in the sustainability of the conflict and the Syrian crisis is due to the exclusion and absence of the effective forces to the solution and representatives of the draft solution largely presented by the Autonomous Administration that stresses on a unified Syria where the people are the master.

 The audience confirmed:

- The unity of Syria's soil and the sovereignty of its people, ending all the Turkish occupation of the Syrian regions Jarablus, Azaz, al-Bab and Idlib, and the liberation of Afrin and safe and stable return for its people.

- Recognize the shared responsibility to resolve the Syrian crisis and spread peace in Syria.

- To strive as quickly as possible to get rid of the effects of armed conflict and to create conditions of life worthy of the people of Syria on the basis of coexistence and brotherhood of peoples.

- Determine the establishment of Syria to accommodate all of its people and from various mosaic in the light of a decentralized state and a stable political democratic system.

- Asserting a Syrian democratic and consensual constitution that represents all Syrian social forces and actors.

- Determine to continue fighting terrorism and drying up its intellectual, financial and material resources, and to provide perpetrators and actors and contributors to commit crimes against humanity in accordance with the law of terrorism in force.

- Unite our forces to achieve democratic change and stable development of Syria.

- Believe in the values ​​of democracy and the rights and freedom of man and citizen.

- Reject any discrimination on the basis of nationality, religion and gender.

One Syrian's blood is prohibited on another. Our hands are stretched out for peace and our guns are aimed only at those who threaten our security, our peace, our common life and the brotherhood of the Syrian societal formations.

- Call for a safe return for all Syrians who have emigrated or left the country in a previous period, before and during the crisis. "

At the end of the forum, the elders and notables of the region's clans and tribes gave a protection shield to the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi.



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