Clans' notables in Derik: Syrian regime seeks to sow discord in NE, Syria, clans must be aware of plots

The clans' notables in Deirk area have demanded all tribes to be awareness to danger that surround them that comes from parties, in particular the Syrian regime in order to sow discord break up the solidarity of the people and its forces that defeated ISIS and preserved the region.

On the visit of the head of National Security Ali Mamlouk to Al-Jazeera region and his meeting with some Arab tribal sheikhs, and about the conflicts between the parties on the Syrian soil to achieve their interests, ANHA agency had a meeting with the Council of Tribes and notables in Deirk region.

The head of the Council of Tribes in the Eastern Region, Hawas Jadia said: the clans are considered pillar in society management, especially in NE, Syria, given the tribal demography, and at the present time regional and international countries play to get their support and strength in the region, this is what the occupying Turkish state and the Syrian regime are doing by spending large sums of money to win over the clans and organize them for the legitimacy of its occupation of the region. "

Jadia drew attention to the risks presented by some parties, especially the Syrian regime, to win some clans alongside him to work to weaken the democratic nation project and attempts to strike at the cohesion of the SDF, the visit of National Security Chief Ali Mamlouk to the region and his meeting with some clan elders was for this purpose.

And Jadie added: "The elders of the clans who met with Mamlouk represent only a small group of the people, and do not have any role and popular base in the region, so the regime is trying through these clans to show themselves as an effective force on the ground."

Jadie noted that "the Council of Tribes and notables had major role in the region by joining all clans, church representatives, and religious scholars to it since its foundation to serve the community and the people of the region with all its components."

Jadea stressed that the duty of all political parties, intellectuals, tribes and clans' notables at this stage the region is going through is to exercise caution and be aware of the dangers, and specifically the tribes not to be drawn into the plots that are being planned against the region.

In his turn, Ibrahim Shibli, a member of the Council of Tribes and notables, said that everyone is required to cohesion, unite ranks, and circumvent the SDF and its council, and not to fall into the trap of the regime and other parties that have ambitions in the region.

Shibli pointed out that "the regime is trying to take advantage of weak souls to use them to disperse the people's solidarity and division, and what is happening now in NE, Syria, especially the recent visit of National Security Chief Ali Mamlouk and his meeting with some clan elders is evidence of this intention."

Shibli wondered: "If the regime's goal was to preserve the unity of Syria on the land and people, it would have rather sent the Mamlouk to sit with the forces that defeated ISIS and fought the occupiers and defended the Syrian land, not to seek to create discord and division between the Syrian people."



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