Clans' notables talk about Ocalan message

The clans' notables of al-Shahba canton have noted that the leader Abdullah Ocalan through his latest message, "contributes to the establishment of a political solution away from the war in northern and eastern Syria," and stressed that they are happy to send Ocalan peace to them.

During a meeting with his brother Mohammed Ocalan on August 12 this year, Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan sent his greetings to Arab tribes and confirmed that he knows the tribes well during his stay in Syria.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) interviewed with the Sheikhs of the Arab clans in al-Shahba canton, stressing that the leader Ocalan has the ability in solving Syrian crisis and the Middle East.

Haji Mohammad Eid, the notable of al-Danabla clan said that, the meeting with Ocalan was in August and added" he sent his greetings to Arab clans in Syria, and we in our turn we respond his greet, wishing to release him from prison coming soon."

"We hail the resistance of leader Abdullah Ocalan, who spent more than 20 years in Imrali prison and is intensifying his efforts to build a democratic society throughout the Middle East."

Sheikh Ali al-Khamisi and the notable of al-Bokhamis clan, said Ocalan had sent several solutions in his latest letter, "including a solution to Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria, and said this crisis must be resolved politically."

Al-Khamisi added that this message also carried a solution to all crises in the Middle East, particularly in Syria and Turkey, "where the leader stressed that he can resolve all crises in the Middle East through his thought and we feel this in the north and east of Syria through the project of the democratic nation in which had embraced all the components of the people."

Al-Khamisi said at the end of his speech by virtue of Ocalan's thought the components in north Syria were able to withstand in the front of the Turkish occupation's threats."  



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