Clans’ sheikhs, notables: UN suggestion to send aid through Tel Abyad legitimizes occupation

The sheikhs and notables of al-Raqqa clans denounced the United Nations proposition to open the occupied Tel Abyad / Girê Spî gate to enter aid through it, stressing that this proposal confirms the international community's satisfaction with the violations and practices of the Turkish occupation in the occupied areas.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres proposed opening the occupied Tel Abyad / Girê Spî portal to introduce relief and medical aid to Syria as an alternative to al-Yarubiyya (Tel Koçer) crossing, which gave rise to the discontent of the Syrian people, stressing that this suggestion supports the practices of the Turkish occupation, gives it Legitimacy and allows the demographic change it is conducting.

The sheikhs and elders of al-Raqqa clans denounced the issue of opening the border gate with Turkey, stating that the aid would not reach its real beneficiaries who were displaced due to the practices of mercenaries and those who were ignored by the United Nations since the beginning of the Turkish attack on North and East Syria.

Hussein al-Berjas, the notable of al-Bureij clan told our agency: "We reject the UN proposal to introduce aid through Tel Abyad border gate because the city is occupied. In addition, providing aid contributes to legitimizing the occupation and supporting the demographic change practiced there and throughout the territories occupied by Turkey."

Hussein al-Berjas pointed out that the condemnation is not a mercy demand by us from the United Nations, but this proves the international contribution to the attack on North and East Syria previously, and now that silence is attached to aid, either financially through Germany's intention to send millions of dollars or the United Nations sending aid."

Mostafa al-Abdi, from the notables of al-Afadleh clan pointed out that it was the first of the United Nations, as an international organization, not to be dragged behind the interests and policies of the regimes. After the UN ignoring the humanitarian catastrophe which caused the displacement of more than 300,000 civilians from Tel Abyad and Ras al-Ain, they must not send aid today to those who displaced them from their land."

Mostafa al-Abdi explained that it has become clear to everybody the politicization of aid serving the interests of the great countries and the interests of countries that consider themselves that they will become great by continuing their aggression against their neighbors, such as Turkey which was and is still taking advantage of the Syrian crisis in favor of serving its ambitions.

It is worth noting that the United Nations suggestion to send aid through the occupied Tel Abyad gate came after a decision by the Security Council under Russian pressure, excluding two border gates from the introduction of humanitarian and medical aid, including the Yarubiyya gate in the Euphrates region.



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