Clarification… martyr Sarah 6 years old not 12 years old

On November 1, the Turkish occupation army launched an attack on civilians in the village of Tal Fender of Girê Spî city / Tal Abyiad, causing the martyrdom of the child girl Sara Refat Mustafa.


ANHA correspondents in the area of ​​ Girê Spî, who were pursued the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on the countryside of Girê Spî, reported according to information they have obtained that the girl Sarah Refat Mustafa, who was martyred by the targeting of the Turkish occupation army to the village of Tal Fender, 12 years old, and on this basis, we had published this information in ANHA agency.

After our correspondents had met Sarah's family, it is clarified that Sarah is not 12 years old, but 6 years old, born on September 29, 2012.

Therefore, we publish this news to clarify the confusion that has taken place regarding the age of the child Sarah.


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