​​​​​​​Clashes and mutual bombardment between Turkish mercenaries

Several villages in the western countryside of Tal Tamr are witnessing clashes and mutual bombardment with heavy weapons between Turkish mercenaries.

This evening, the clashes and mutual bombing between the mercenary groups affiliated with Turkey in the village northwest of Tal Tamr district, which are under the control of the Turkish occupation, and their mercenaries, were renewed, without knowing the causes of the fighting among them.

According to our agency's correspondent, the clashes erupted in the villages of Al-Qasimia and Al-Rihaniya, which are located northwest of Tal Tamer, about 5 km away.

It is noteworthy that these clashes erupted shortly after the explosion of several mines within one of the military barracks of the mercenaries of the occupation in Hamdoush farm in the countryside of Zarkan.



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