Clashes between HPG, Turkish army

Lolan and Şekîf areas in the Medya areas are witnessing violent clashes between Turkish army forces and HPG fighters, following the Turkish army launching attacks in the area.

Local sources said that the Turkish occupation army launched air raids last night in the areas of Lolan and Şekîf.

The sources confirmed that the Turkish occupation army resumed its air raids this morning using helicopter gunships, in addition to launching a ground offensive in the region, in advance of the forces from the south and north of Kurdistan. The Turkish army, according to information, also brought many Villages' Protectors troops to the area in an effort to besiege the area of Xakurkê, Evdilkofî, and Lêlkanê.

The area is currently witnessing violent clashes between HPG and the Turkish occupation army, while the occupation army bombed the villages Qandil, where the aircraft targeted the villages Kunekotri and Bêrmeke in Qandil this morning, no damage was reported.



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