Clashes between India and China ignite

Clashes have erupted again between India and China in the border region, resulting in casualties on both sides.

"India Today" newspaper reported that the Indian forces responded to an infiltration attempt of Chinese soldiers across the border in Sikkim Province in northern India, which led to a clash.

The newspaper stated that 4 Indian soldiers and 20 Chinese soldiers were injured in the clash, which took place in a rugged and extremely cold area.

The latest escalation comes months after the confrontation that took place on 15 June last year, when soldiers from both sides clashed near a border point in the Jalawan Valley, east of Ladakh.

There are large forces on both sides along the Line of Control in mountainous areas with peaks ranging between 4,500 and 5,500 meters.

Last week, Indian military sources and media reported that Indian and Chinese forces clashed at the two countries' disputed borders in the Himalayas in a new clash that left wounded on both sides six months after the deadly battles.

A clash also took place last week at the Nako mountain pass in the state of Sikkim (northeast), while national media quoted Indian military officials as saying that the clash had resulted in casualties among the two armies.

It is reported that several dangerous confrontations have occurred between India and China since May, along the Line of Control, which represents the unofficial border, in the mountainous Ladakh region.


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