Clashes between mercenaries in Serêkaniyê spilled , injuries and deaths reported 

The clashes and mutual shelling between the mercenaries of Sultan Murad and the mercenaries of Al-Hamzat of the Turkish occupation continue in the outputted city of Serêkaniyê since Friday afternoon, which led to the loss of a woman's life and material damage to the homes of civilians.

Clashes erupted between the mercenaries of Al-Hamzat and Sultan Murad of the Turkish occupation on Friday afternoon in the Al-Mahata neighborhood in the city center and expanded to include several neighborhoods over a house that belongs to the forcibly displaced civilians from Serêkaniyê.
Sources from inside the city of Serêkaniyê told our agency correspondent that the clashes erupted at 15:45 and continue until the moment this news was prepared, amid both parties using heavy weapons, RBC and mortar shells in the clashes.

The source confirmed that, as a result of the intensity of the clashes and the shelling, a woman lost her life, and the shelling caused extensive damage to civilian homes and property, in addition to the fall of a number of dead and wounded in the mercenary ranks.

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