Clashes between Turkish affiliated groups leave dead and wounded in occupied Serêkaniyê

Local sources from occupied Serêkaniyê reported violent clashes between the mercenaries of the "Liberation Movement" and the "Revolutionary Authority", which resulted in deaths and injures on both sides.

The sources indicated that the area of ​​the clashes expanded outside the city to include villages after the killing of the mercenary "Abu Othman Ghariba" within the mercenaries of the "Tahrir Movement" at the hands of the mercenaries of the "Revolutionary Authority", so that the first responded by attacking all points of the "Revolutionary Authority" with heavy weapons and machine guns.

The sources pointed out that there were dead and wounded on both sides, in addition to capture dozens of mercenaries from the "Revolutionary Authority".

In a related context, the occupied city of Afrin is also witnessing tensions between the mercenaries of the occupation, as the mercenaries of the "Revolutionary Authority" capture the mercenaries of the "liberation movement", against the background of the clashes taking place in the occupied city of Serêkaniyê.

The occupied city of Serêkaniyê, from time to time, witnesses clashes between the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation over sharing of smuggling routes and property of the original residents of the region who were displaced from their areas amid silence of the international community and the active forces in the region.



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