Clashes between Turkish mercenaries, al-Bab Military Council east al-Bab city

The villages of al-Arima town in the liberated countryside of al-Bab city from the east are witnessing intermittent clashes between al-Bab Military Council's forces and the Turkish occupation's mercenaries.

The Turkish occupation's mercenaries targeted the concentration points of al-Bab Military Council in the villages of Tel Turin and al-Buwaij. According to a field commander in al-Bab Military Council, the source of the shooting was the village of al-Kareidiyya

The Turkish occupation's mercenaries use heavy and medium machine guns in their attacks on both villages (Tel Turin and al-Buwaij), and the fighters of al-Bab Military Council responded to the sources of fire.

The clashes are continuing intermittently till the moment of the preparation of this piece of the news.



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