Clashes in downtown Beirut, lawsuit against 28 responsible for port bombing

Confrontations renewed this evening between a number of protesters and riot police elements in downtown Beirut, while lawyers filed a lawsuit before the First Investigative Judge in Beirut against 28 responsible for the disaster of the port bombing, including heads of government and officials.

A number of protesters threw stones and fireworks at riot police elements in downtown Beirut, while the elements responded by firing teargas canisters to disperse them, and fired rubber bullets at the protesters.

The confrontations moved to near the Ministry of Communications and the Parliament, where protesters threw stones at riot police and used wooden panels to protect themselves from tear gas bombs.

On the the one-week anniversary of the Beirut port explosion, a number of Lebanese organized a stand of solidarity with the victims and martyrs at al-Mutareb statue, as they toured a silent candle march from al-Gemmayzeh to Mar Mikhael, and the citizens remembered the ominous moment and expressed their pain with tears and angry cries in the face of those responsible for the destruction of their city.

Today, united lawyers filed a lawsuit before the First Investigative Judge in Beirut against 28 responsible for the disaster of the port bombing and requested that it be referred to the Judicial Council, including the current caretaker prime minister and former heads of government, in addition to other current and former officials, chiefly the ministers of works and finance, the army commander, the director general of General Security, the director general of Army Intelligence, the director general of State Security, the director general of Customs and the director of Beirut Port, in addition to the judges concerned with this file, especially by the prosecutor general of Discrimination, the government commissioner for the Military Court and others who are directly responsible for committing this horrific crime.

After it was proven that the defendants were complicit and knew of the presence of dangerous, highly explosive materials in Ward 12th inside the port, and their continuing to evade responsibility in return for a clear hierarchy in bearing this responsibility, which establishes the competence of the local judiciary, and in the event of its inability of the competence of the foreign judiciary, "united" alliance undertakes this allegation with all professionalism and boldness by naming matters by their names, what all responsible failed to do about what happened, calling upon the remaining honest judges to strictly investigate and inflict harsh punishments on the perpetrators, no matter how high their affairs, so that the judiciary is not dropped by a knockout.


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