Clerics: the unity is the only way to solve all outstanding problems

Clerics emphasized that the agreement and unity between the components is sufficient to solve all the problems and outstanding issues, and they emphasized that the experience of the Autonomous Administration in Northern and Eastern Syria and breaking the thorn of ISIS is one of the fruits of the unity of the components.

Recently, several appeals and calls were launched regarding the unity of the components in northern and eastern Syria, and the need for a Kurdish-Arab agreement at the level of the Middle East, and in this regard, a member of the Executive Committee of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, Duran Kalkan, called: “Liberation from the narrow and chauvinistic nation-state mentality, and the initiation of developing the co-existence between the peoples that will not only be achieved by unity and democratic."

Mulla Taqi al-Din Othman, one of the imams in Tirbespiyê district, explained that the region is going through a sensitive and difficult phase, as the major powers gain strength in the region, and are trying by various means and methods to control the region and keep it under the policies they follow in the Middle East and in northern and eastern Syria.

Mulla Taqi al-Din praised the role of religions and all components in northern and eastern Syria, including the Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Armenians, Yazidis and Circassians in achieving the people's demands, and standing against the policies that are hostile to the rights and aspirations of peoples, and the plans aimed at spreading injustice in the region, which are still ongoing.

We must join hands together to get out Syria from this crisis

Taqi al-Din noted the historical relations between the components of the region and Syria in general, and said: "We have been living with each other for thousands of years, and we have close ties, and we are now required to strengthen these relations to get Syria out of this crisis."

Mulla Taqi al-Din Othman affirmed that the democratic nation project is the ideal project to build a democratic Middle East, and said: "Because it calls for participation and a solution away from foreign interference."

Taqi also called on the Kurdish parties in Kurdistan to unify their ranks and respond to Erdogan's "terror".

Sheikh Bazu Othman, the sheikh of one of the sheikhs of the Yazidi religion, called on all components of Syria to put aside differences and unify their ranks to confront the dangers facing them, and said: “The components of northern and eastern Syria united their ranks and were able to build the Autonomous Administration, and break the thorn of ISIS, and this is one of the fruits of unity.”

Sheikh Bazo explained that the region is exposed to great dangers, as it is exposed to attacks by the Turkish occupation army, especially the areas of Başûr Kurdistan, and called on the governments of Başûr Kurdistan and the government of Iraq not to be dragged behind Erdogan's colonial policy and limit its control, and to open the way for the Yazidi people in the province of Şengal to work. In their AA and standing hand in hand to build peace and democracy.



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