​​​​​​Closure of Faysh Khabur crossing is new episode in chain of betrayal of PDK - Mustafa Alou

On May 11, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (PDK) closed the crossing between NE Syria, in a new step in the approach of continuous hostility against the Kurds and their aspirations to achieve freedom.

The closure of the border crossing in southern Kurdistan, opposite the Semalka crossing in Derik district of Qamishlo canton was not a new matter for the citizens of NE Syria.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party has previously closed the crossing several times in service of its hostile tendencies to the Kurdistan Liberation Movement and an attempt to stifle the revolution in NE Syria. The manifestations of trench digging by it in 2014 on the artificial borders are still fresh in our minds.

This phase was characterized by the transition from the stage of treachery and implicit and implicit collaboration to the phase of overt betrayal and direct collaboration with the Turkish occupation state. This recalls some of the practices committed by the Kurdistan Democratic Party since 2020 until the present time.

In April 2020, the Kurdistan Democratic Party sent its forces to the Zinh Warti district, which includes high mountains, large valleys, and abyssal valleys, facing the Qandil Mountains, and extends to the Zarni Kiwi mountain range and extends to the Rania district, and is surrounded by the Qandil Mountains, Balayan, Sheikh Nasser, Halkurd, Khakurki, Barzan Mountains, and the city of Rania and its countryside.

On the other side there is the Karukh mountain range that extends to the city of Diana, and ends at that point where the course of the Zai and Ava Shin rivers meet, and after Ava Shin begins the Gari Mountains, and extends from the north of this chain to the city of Aqri and the Khairi Mountains, the town of Jumanki, and the Khabour River And in the south, it extends to the Lalish Mountains in Shingal.

The Zina Warti region is also distinguished, and although it belongs administratively and geographically to the borders of Hewler Governorate, it is administered by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan Workers' Party, according to an agreement between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union in 1998 that led to the withdrawal of the former from that region.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party not only created tensions, but also committed more treasonous practices that reached the stage of ambushing the People's Defense Forces.

In late August 2021, members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party ambushed a group of the People's Defense Forces and the Free Women Units - Star, consisting of 7 fighters, in the Khalifan area in southern Kurdistan, which caused the martyrdom of 6 fighters, while one fighter escaped from the ambush.

This crime sparked a wide wave of indignation in Kurdistan, specifically in NE Syria, who organized a sit-in at the Semalka crossing to demand the bodies of fighters, both male and female, but the Kurdistan Democratic Party closed the Faysh Khabur crossing at the time.

Of course, this was not the first time that the Kurdistan Democratic Party attacked freedom fighters, rather it was preceded by wider attacks in 1997 when a hospital in which wounded fighters from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) was bombed on May 16, 1997.

In September 2022, the KDP forces began paving a road towards the resistance areas in Girê Hakkari and Girê Amedeh in Metina.

After that, the central command of the People's Defense Center issued a written statement which stated "Our national strategic and democratic war is winning. Stop interfering in this war."

On September 5, 2022, the forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, together with the Turkish occupation state, attacked another group of the People's Defense Forces in the Balisan Valley, killing 3 of them and wounding 2 others.

In late September 2022, scenes were filmed of the KDP forces building an outpost for the Turkish occupation army and raising the party's flag on it in the Amadiya region in Southern Kurdistan.

The attacks of the Kurdistan Democratic Party were not limited to the military side only, but also targeted political figures and representatives of the Autonomous Administration of NE Syria.

KDP forces kidnapped the representative of the Autonomous Administration of NE Syria in Hewler, Jihad Hassan, accompanied by two members of the Democratic Union Party, on June 10, 2021, while they were on their way to Hewler Airport to receive guests.

KDP authorities released the two members of the Democratic Union Party after about 50 days, while they released Jihad Hassan after 112 days.

Also in April 2022, the Kurdistan Democratic Party claimed to have seized weapons sent by the People's Protection Units in the Dohuk region in Southern Kurdistan, and the official spokesman for the People's Protection Units described these allegations at the time as "an attempt to cover up its alliance with the Turkish occupation state. It also seeks to show the Turkish occupation attacks as legitimate.