(CNN) America: 7 countries, including Egypt, Greece and Israel, will sign the "Eastern Mediterranean Gas" agreement

The American channel, CNN, in the Arabic version, reported that Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Italy and Palestine are scheduled to sign the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Agreement, in Cairo, today, Tuesday.

The channel quoted an informed source that the agreement is expected to take place today, noting that: "The field will be open for other countries to join the agreement, which will include the seven parties in the Egyptian capital."

Egypt took the initiative to invite energy ministers from eastern Mediterranean countries, along with representatives of the European Union, for the first ministerial meeting in Cairo in mid-January of 2019.

The meeting resulted in a joint declaration by the ministers of the seven participating countries regarding the establishment of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, which aims to establish a gas market at the regional level, secure trade relations, and ensure that supply and demand from the constituent countries are met.

Likewise, the forum came out, after an agreement between Egypt, Greece and Cyprus to establish it at a summit held in Greece in 2018, to be based in the Egyptian capital Cairo, according to what was agreed upon.



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