Co-chair of occupied GIRÊ SPî: ISIS flags flutter in Suluk area

The co-chair of the occupied GIRÊ SPî/ Tel-Abyed Canton Council, Hevin Ismail has considered Turkey's exploitation of the world’s preoccupation with Corona pandemic, and launched simultaneous attacks with Başûr (south Kurdistan) and north and east Syria, with the continued isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, a new conspiracy against the people.

"The partnership between Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party KDP is a shame," Hevin Ismail, said "This partnership is pushing Turkey to continue its dirty plans in Başûr, north and east Syria."

Attempts to transport infected people with Covid19 to north and east Syria

saying: "With the occupation of Serêkaniyê and GIRÊ SPî, Turkey and its mercenaries want to make demographic change in Ain Issa district and its countryside and GIRÊ SPî countryside, removal the cement boards from villages of west GIRÊ SPî refer to Turkish preparations to occupy more lands. In this emergency situation, Turkey is trying to transfer the virus and expand its occupation. It is trying to transfer infected people with Coronavirus to the regions of northeastern Syria, but our people and our forces are vigilant to this matter. "

ISIS flags flutter in Tel-Abyed

Ismail added, "Turkey wants to exploits the Corona pandemic as a weapon, and it specifically targets the remaining people in Tel-Abyed."

And she stated that ISIS is reorganizing itself in the territories occupied by Turkey: “In Tel- Abyad and Suluk, where the flags of Turkey and ISIS are raised, and this indicates that ISIS is reorganizing its ranks in front of the whole world, and the enslavement of women continues as ISIS did.'"

New plot

Regarding the relationship between Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Hevin Ismail said: "Kurdistan is one homeland, and any attack on one part of it affects the other parts. Unfortunately, the Kurdistan Democratic Party fell in the Turkish trap, and is afraid of unity, this is a shame."



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