Co-chairs of Qamishlo canton council: IS' cells' attacks intensified with Turkish threats

The two co-chairs of Qamishlo canton's council have denounced the terrorists acts which are committed by IS' cells against the civilians, stressing that the purpose of these attacks to undermine the security and stability of the area.

Sleeping cells of ISIS mercenaries target civilians in northern and eastern Syria by carrying out terrorist bombings. The two co-chairs of Qamishlo canton council spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA) on the subject and appealed to world opinion to work to eradicate ISIS mercenaries.

"Our people should be caution from IS' cells."

The co-chair of Qamishlo canton's council, Berwen Yusuf, denounced the beginning of terrorist attacks by sleeper cells of ISIS mercenaries. "In conjunction with the threats of the Turkish occupation IS' sleeper cell had intensified their attacks against areas that liberated by the blood of martyrs. The threats of the Turkish occupation state contributed to the revival of ISIS mercenaries again. Our areas are safe and stable These attacks are directly aimed at undermining the stability and security of the region as well as undermining Autonomous Administration. The Turkish state and ISIS mercenaries have the same source; our people must be vigilant about these sleeper cells. Just as we were able to defeat ISIS mercenaries in the region, With the support and solid will of our people, we will be able to eliminate these cells as well, we appeal to the international community to work to prevent ISIS from returning

'Sources of support and funding for sleeper cells must be stopped'

The co-chair of Qamishlo canton council, Avram Isaac, said: “The emergence and revitalization of ISIS in the region is detrimental to all humanity,” he said. The bombings that targeted the cities of Qamishlo, al-Hassakeh, al-Raqqa, Deir-ez-Zor and Tirbespiyê are the result of direct dealings between ISIS mercenaries and the Turkish state. Our primary goal is to protect the security of the region. What ISIS mercenaries are doing is inhumane, civilians are being targeted in the area. We appeal to all states to work to stop attacks on our regions. We must stop the support that the sleeper cells receive.



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