Coalition Countries: Fighting ISIS in Iraq, Syria is top  priority

The Foreign Ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS affirmed their continued support for counter-terrorism programs in Africa, Iraq, Syria, South and Central Asia.

The meeting of the foreign ministers of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS in Riyadh affirmed their continued support for counter-terrorism programs in Africa, Iraq, Syria, South and Central Asia, which confirms the expansion of the coalition and its continued commitment in reducing the capabilities of ISIS.

“Member states and international organizations continue to make unique contributions to the powerful campaign to support stabilization efforts in areas liberated from ISIS in Iraq and Syria and to counter ISIS financing, travel and propaganda,” the statement read.

According to the statement, the Ministers affirmed their commitment to strengthening civilian-led counter-terrorism capabilities in the various member states of the coalition from Iraq to Africa, South and Central Asia, emphasizing border and internal security, judicial reform, intelligence exchange and law enforcement through bilateral and multilateral platforms.

"Border security requires that battlefield evidence be preserved and shared, as appropriate, with law enforcement, and biometric data of terrorist and terrorist suspects collected and shared via bilateral and multilateral platforms such as INTERPOL channels.”

The Coalition Ministers reaffirmed that the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria remains the first priority of the coalition, according to the statement, and the participants stressed the importance of allocating sufficient resources to support the coalition and its legitimate partners.

The Ministers commended Iraq's progress in repatriating its nationals from NE Syria in addition to Iraqi efforts to implement long-term, sustainable solutions, including appropriate legal procedures to ensure that those guilty of crimes are held accountable, and reintegration ISIS families.

Concerning of Syria, the Coalition stands with the Syrian people to support a lasting political settlement in line with Security Council Resolution 2254. The Coalition continues to support stability in areas liberated from ISIS and advance reconciliation and reintegration efforts to enhance conditions for a political solution.

The Coalition will work with the international community to identify opportunities to better contribute to the ongoing basic needs of humanitarian assistance, reintegration assistance for returnees, security measures, and stabilization for communities liberated from ISIS throughout NE Syria, according to the statement.

The Ministers recognized that extremism and terrorism, in all its forms and manifestations should not be associated with any religion, nationality or ethnic group, and noted the urgent need to vigorously address such activities.



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