​​​​​​​Cohesion under AANES prevents chaos, mutual dialogue is radical solution to crisis

The Co-chair of the Al-Hasakah Canton Council explained that thanks to awareness, harmony and cohesion between the components and the brotherhood of the peoples, the region was protected from chaos under the Autonomous Administration, and said, "The mutual dialogue will be a fundamental solution to all issues related to the Syrian crisis."

The components of NE Syria have lived with each other since ancient times, had solid relations that they inherited from their ancestors since time immemorial, and these ties are the strength of AANES based on the thought of the democratic nation.

Despite all the plots, the union of the Kurdish, Arab and Syriac components in the face of terrorist organizations that threatened security and stability of the region was capable of thwarting them.  

The NES components were able to achieve a model of democratic self-management that could be a model for a permanent Syrian solution that achieves stability and coexistence for all Syrians, as well as solving all issues through mutual dialogue.

The Co-chair of the Al-Hasakah Canton Council, Samar al-Abdullah, says: “All components form an integrated fabric.

Al-Abdullah added, "Thanks to awareness and harmony, they were able to protect the region and preserve their existence and identity, and the basic service institutions were built with all its branches in the region."

The co-chair stated to "Hawar" news agency, that the NES components refused to be the soft side of the Syrian crisis. And she added, "People did not accept terrorism, the credit goes to the brotherhood of peoples, and the sons of all components of the region participate in the battle fronts to deter terrorism. "

SDF has a prominent role in protecting the region

Al-Abdullah pointed out that the Syrian Democratic Forces have set heroic epics in their war against ISIS to liberate the regions from the clutches of ISIS mercenaries, and said, "This struggle has produced cohesion between the components of the region while defending human values ​​and protecting the world from the threat of terrorism."

She explained that the Syrian Democratic Forces had a prominent role in protecting the region from all attacks by terrorist organizations, especially the Turkish occupation.

She added, "The cohesion represented a major challenge to Turkish plans in particular, and terrorist ones in general, and they were able to be a factor of safety and stability."

Dialogue and cohesion are a solution to the crisis

Al-Abdullah pointed out that social cohesion between the components was an impenetrable barrier to achieving colonial goals that are trying to eliminate the democratic nation project.

In the conclusion of her speech, the Co-chair of the Al-Hasakah Canton Council, Samar al-Abdullah, affirmed that in northern and eastern Syria they constitute a strong factor in deterring terrorism in the region, which targets their existence and coexistence.


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