Colonialism impinges upon civilizations in Northern Syria

Within struggles in the Middle East where hegemonies try to substantiate themselves among eternal civilizations via re-writing the history of the region even if at the expense of other peoples'.

Jewish philosopher Walter Bendix '' History is written by the victors, and victors preserves his civilization from extinction''. If we want who we are we ought to trace our roots that are cultural heritage that was inherited to us by forefathers after bloody battles to preserve it from extinction.

The Syrian crisis was a chance for Turkey to occupy territories located on its borders to steal its treasures and transfer it to Europe to write the history as suits its policies. Excavation of historical sites that is happening in Afrin under the nose of the whole woeld is a mere example.

Co-chair of the Antiquities Protection Directorate in the Euphrates Region, Ali Sulaiman, says '' significance of antiques comes from preservation of culture of peoples, it is the link between the present and the past, that makes some countries to cheat and defame history via transferring antiques from the areas they occupy to others, to demolish this bridge''.

Sulaiman added '' Turkey is one of the countries that poses grave dangers to the humanitarian heritage in modern times, it demolishes Afrin archeologically and transfers its relics to Turkey to complete the demographic change already taking place, after the region is being evicted of its residents, that shows the extent of hatred towards the region's peoples''.

According to latest numbers, by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR, in 2020, Syrian mercenaries affiliated to the Turkish occupation forces destroyed more than 25 archaeological and historical sites in occupied Afrin.  To facilitate and cover excavation all historical and archaeological sites have been made military bases and barracks in all areas occupied in northern Syria to transfer all findings to Turkey, the most notable of these was the basalt lion of the Ain Dara. The Ain Dara Temple is one of the most deeply rooted sites in Syria. 

The silence preserved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, encourages Turkey to go ahead with the process.

The Kurds' culture and civilization that survived all battles and invasions from the dawn of history it poses great dangers to the west for this all international associations preserve silence.

Sulaiman says stealing these relics and antiques is a way of the wars launched against the region within the struggle of civilizations, that aim to obliterate the identity of the Kurdish people from the region, Turkey, that is searching to preserve it self,  is the executioner of the process.  This is in line with the fascist countries that seek to write the history of this region we ought to be cautious. 

Sulaiman noted that some people are taking part indirectly in the process by selling some artefacts to outside traders to get money. But they should know that are behaving in the wrong way.

At the end Sulaiman said the best way to preserve our culture is via awareness and the importance of these sites whose responsibility lies great on media outlets.



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