Commander in SDF: We have not handed over any mercenary to Iraqi army, elimination of IS mercenaries requires efforts of different actors

The commander in the battle to defeat terrorism, Adnan Afrin, denied the news circulated about the delivery of 150 elements of IS mercenaries to the Iraqi army, noting that the explosion that took place in al-Shehil yesterday aimed to reduce the military pressure on the remaining of IS in al-Bagouz, stressing that the task of eliminating cells requires the efforts of various actors who combat the terrorism.


The commander of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign Jia Ferat noted earlier in a press conference conducted in Heqel al-Aomer that their troops besieged the mercenaries completely, other commanders warned that the defeat of mercenaries in al-Bagouz last stronghold does not mean their end, because there is a large number of sleeper cells belonging to mercenaries in the region.

Mercenaries have been living their last days in their so-called "State of the Caliphate" now besieged in al-Bagouz, using civilians as human shields to stop the advance of SDF fighters.

On the latest developments in the campaign and the terrorist bombing of civilians in al-Shehil area of Deir ez-Zor, and the news about the delivery of 150 mercenaries to the Iraqi army, Hawar news agency met with the commander of the battle to defeat terrorism, Adnan Afrin, who noted that their fighters advance slowly in al-Bagouz village because of the use of civilians as human shields to stop the advance of their fighters."

Adnan Afrin added, "Our fundamental objective and the priorities of SDF is to liberate civilians and to ensure the safety of their exit from that small area occupied by IS in al-Bagouz."

There is no truth to the handover of mercenaries to the Iraqi army

A number of media outlets reported reports of handing over of 150 IS mercenaries, including 13 French nationals to the Iraqi army after an agreement between the two sides, Adnan Afrin said, "We deny the agreement between the Iraqi army and the SDF to hand over the Iraqi mercenaries to the Iraqi army."

Adnan added, "but if formally requested, it will be announced through the Office of Public Military Relations of SDF "

Al-Shehil explosion is to reduce the pressure on mercenaries

After the IS mercenaries were besieged in al-Bagouz village, its sleeper cells moved and carried out a terrorist act by detonating a car bomb among civilians in al-Shehil village in Deir ez-Zor which resulted in the killing of 15 people.

Adnan Afrin pointed out that there is still a large incubator for those who believe in IS ideology and are seriously attached to it and are carrying out secret military operations and bombings among civilians, "the main aim of these operations is to reduce military pressure on al-Bagouz village in northern and eastern Syria. "



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