Commander,  Khabur Akkad: Attacks increased and our resistance is confirmed until victory is achieved

Khabur Akkad, a leader in the Assyrian Military Council, noted that the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have increased in Tel Tamr area, : "Our resistance is going on, we will not allow occupation of new areas."

Despite the ceasefire agreement, the Turkish occupation army continues to bomb areas in northern and eastern Syria, targetingTal Tamr area in particular with heavy weapons amid daily reconnaissance aircraft flying. 

Concerning the latest developments in Tel Tamr, which was targeted by the occupying army and its mercenaries, khabur Akkad, a leading member of the Assyrian Military Council, spoke.

"The attacks increased on the area'

 "In the recent period, the occupying army has intensified its attacks on the area with heavy weapons, amid reconnaissance flights, these attacks have caused instability in the area, endangered the lives of civilians, the declared ceasefire agreement is violated by their constant attacks.

 People were living  in safe in their areas before the attacks , but today the Turkish state wants to terrorize  and frightens them."

 We will not allow the occupation of new areas

 Akkad talked about the methods used by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in their attacks and said: They cannot attack the area of Tal Tamr directly, so they target the villages of the district with heavy weapons.

  "Mercenary movements have increased in the occupied areas, and they are preparing to occupy new areas."

 "There are plans of the  sleeper cells in the region to create strife between the Kurds, Arabs, Assyrian, Armenian and Assyrian people, we are well aware of the  Turkish states' policies and games against the people of the region, so our people must also realize this policy, and we as  protection forces will not allow them to occupy new areas," he said. The previous massacres were repeated.

"The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are planning to change the demographics of the area. we are trying to thwart their plans until the victory of the Age  Resistance," It will continue." He said.



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