Commander of al-Bab Military Council: Since Turkey's mercenaries defeat, our areas are shelled

"The Turkish occupation and its so-called mercenaries, the Euphrates Shield, have intensified their shelling and targeting the villages of the liberated al-Bab city since the declaration of the victory over Daesh," said the commander of al-Bab Military Council: Jamal Abu Jumaa, stressing that Turkey and its mercenaries aim to extract the joy of victory and support sleeper cells to destabilize security and stability in the north and east of Syria.

As the Syrian Democratic Forces declared victory over Daesh mercenaries in his last pockets in the village of al-Baguoz, it was coincided with the shelling of the so-called Turkey-backed "Euphrates Shield" mercenaries on points and placed al-Bab Military Council is stationed.

In this concern, the commander of al-Bab Military Council Jamal Abu Jumaa said, "Through these practices and acts of sabotage, Turkey aims to strengthen the sleeping cells of Daesh and the rest of its mercenaries in the liberated areas. Most of the criminal activities in northern and eastern Syria are carried out by Turkey-backed cells, and the most recent of which is the cowardly and criminal act that targeted a checkpoint for the self-defense forces in Manbij, which turned out to be Turkey-affiliated mercenaries."

Abu Jumaa said that since SDF announcement of victory over Daesh mercenaries in al-Bagouz, and mercenaries of the so-called "Euphrates Shield" backed by Turkey, intensified shelling and targeting points of the council on the outskirts of villages and towns belonging to the eastern countryside of the city of al-Bab " Now the eastern countryside of the city of al-Bab is being shelled with heavy weapons by mercenaries. There are almost daily clashes between the mercenaries of Turkey and the forces of al-Bab Military Council.

Abu Jumaa said that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries, and through these actions, whether by bombing villages or moving sleeper cells in the region, they want to ruin the joy of victory over mercenaries, in addition to destabilizing security and stability in the liberated areas of northern and eastern Syria.

"The other reason for the recent targeting the villages liberated by al-Bab Military Council is to the residents' demand in occupied al-Bab areas and its village of the council to liberate them from the " Euphrates Shield" mercenaries and the Turkish occupation and rid them of injustice and corruption and chaos in those occupied areas.

At the end of his speech, the commander of the al-Bab Military Council pledged people in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, that they are ready to liberate their land from the occupiers and mercenaries and will continue the resistance until the liberation of the entire region and rid the people of injustice.


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