Commander of Iran Quds Force in Baghdad to form government

Iran new Quds Force, commander Ismail Qani visited Baghdad this week to unite Shiite blocs to form a government, Iraqi officials revealed.

The AP quoted Iraqi officials as saying that the new Commander of Iran Quds Force, Ismail Qani, arrived in Baghdad this week as Iraqi blocs failed to agree on forming a new government.

Ismail Qani arrived in Baghdad on Monday evening for his first public official visit to Iraq since succeeding Qassem Soleimani, officials said. His arrival at Baghdad airport came amid a days-long curfew in Iraq to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, which caused the suspension of flights to and from the country.

After his arrival, Qani left the airport under heavy guard in a three-car convoy. Officials said Qani met with a number of leaders, including Hadi al-Ameri, Al-Hikma Movement head, Ammar al-Hakim and the President, Barham Saleh.

"This is his first test of whether he will succeed in unifying the Shiite position like Soleimani did," a senior Shiite political official, who asked not to be named, told AP.


Source; agencies

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