Commanders: Syria is not terrorism land, we must unite together to spread security, stability

SDF Commanders who are participating in Deterring Terrorism campaign said that sleeper cells are ISIS mercenaries and affiliation to Turkish state, demanding form the citizens of region to collaborate to spread stability and security, stressing that Syria is not terrorism land.

The recently liberated areas northeast of the Syrian city of Deir-ez-Zor are witnessing activity by cells of terrorist organizations and intelligence elements, who work for the occupation forces and foreign agendas, in addition to the increase in bombings and assassinations in the region.

In this regard, ANHA correspondents conducted several meetings with commanders to talk about the ambitions that drive young people to work as cells in the region, and the duty that falls on them and the elders and tribesmen, to reduce recurrent crimes.

The campaign came upon an appeal from the people of the area ′

"The people of the area appealed to them several months ago to stop the violations of sleeping cells in the area, and to put an end to the terrorist operations they are carrying out," Ali Foulad, Commander in Deir-ez-Zor Military Council, said.

He added: "The sleeper cells or intelligence cells that carry out sabotage in the region are not only cells of ISIS, but there are elements of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and cells belonging to the Iranians."

He also explained in his speech: "Mercenaries who deal with external parties and seek to destabilize security and stability are people whose only goal is money."

′ The goal of our campaign is to end the threats targeting the people of the region ′

Foulad added, "The military forces in the region, and through their military campaign, seek to end all threats targeting the people of the region."

In the same context, the field commander in Deir-ez-Zor Military Council, Abu Fahd, spoke to the people of Deir-ez-Zor and their clans' notables to cooperate with the military forces in the area to secure them and establish stability.

"The people of the area and their clans must join hands and stand side by side with the military forces to preserve the safety of their people and their area from the sleeper cells' operations."

For his part, the commander Muhammad Jabr, through his speech, called on all people who work for external agendas against the people of their regions to return from their thinking and return to their areas.

Noting: that Syria is not a land of terrorism, and all the threats faced by the region will be removed, so that its children come together with each other, and stand by their military forces.

Adding in the context of his speech, "the doors of the military forces in the region, and the doors of their families and clans are open to them, to return to their land, their families and their people.



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