Commando operation kills 30+ Turkish military personnel

The People’s Defense Forces have claimed responsibility for the bombing of the natural gas line supplying Turkey with Iranian gas near the "Gurbulak" border crossing, and said that the fighter Sama Koçer carried out a commando operation, which killed more than 30 Turkish soldiers and destroyed 5 military armored vehicles.

Today, the media center of the People’s Defense Forces issued a statement to the public opinion regarding the operation carried out by the fighter in the ranks of Guerrilla forces Sama Koçer, which led to the bombing of Turkey's natural gas supply line from Iran.

The text of the statement read:

"In the context of the revolutionary victory campaign, which is continuing in the state of Sarhad, our comrade Sama Koçer carried out a commando operation targeting the Turkish occupation army soldiers stationed near the natural gas pipeline at the Gurbulak border crossing in the Bazid district in Agri.

Our comrade clashed with the occupation forces, and managed to detonate 5 military vehicles that came to support the soldiers, and also exploded the gas pipeline.

The result of the operation was that the vehicles were completely destroyed, and more than 30 Turkish soldiers were killed, along with dozens of different wounds. This operation was response to commemoration of our martyrs, Ali Piling, Çîçek Botan and Dilgeş Botan.

The record of the martyr Sama Koçer, who carried out the commando operation,

Nom de guerre: Sama Koçer

Name and surname: Roshan Ashkarah

Place of birth: Siirt

Mother and Father Name: Qudrat - Husnu

Place and date of the martyrdom: March 31, 2020 / Agri. "

In this statement, the People’s Defense Forces offered their condolences to the families of the martyr Sama and her companions, and pledged to continue the path of struggle and to follow the legacy of the martyrs until reaching victory.


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