Commemorating 40 day of Agîd Çîlo martyrdom in al-Shahba

The Democratic Society Education Committee in Afrin region commemorated the martyr Agîd Çîlo on the 40 day of his martyrdom at a ceremony held at Serdem camp in al-Shahba.

On Friday, hundreds of Afrin people and members of the Committee for the Democratic Society Education gathered in Serdem camp's hall which was decorated with the pictures of the martyr Agîd and the martyrs of freedom to commemorate the martyr Agîd Çîlo, the real name is Mettin Jeftaji who martyred in February 13, 2019 in the result of a traffic accident in Qamishlo city while he was on his mission serving the people.

The ceremony began with the attendees' holding a minute of silence in tribute for the martyrs' souls. That was followed by a speech delivered by the administrator of the Martyrs' Families Council, Hussein Judi in which he spoke about the revolutionary spirit the martyr Agîd Çîlo had. He said, "In the beginning, we express condolences to the martyr's family and all the families of the martyrs of freedom. He added, "The martyr Agîd devoted 27 years of his age in order to serve his country and people in the battlefields. He was a revolutionary commando adhering to the revolutionary principles he learned from the leader Ocalan. He participated in the confrontation to all the attacks of enemies by training the community around him on the thought and philosophy of the leader Ocalan, the democratic life and the revival and development of the Kurdish language."

Judy continued, "The martyr Agîd had goals in establishing free generations and he focused on the mother tongue. He established the Kurdish language institutions to revive the Kurdish culture and language, and despite his injuries during his revolutionary life and the battles in which he took part to protect his homeland, those injuries were not an impediment to perform his national duty."

Judy ended his speech, "Like the martyr Agîd, thousands of martyrs and the leader Ocalan who sacrificed the most precious for themselves to achieve freedom for all the oppressed peoples, we are also ready to sacrifice our souls in order to follow their footsteps till achieving their goals and liberating every inch of our land that the occupiers have occupied."

Then, a short film was shown about the life of the martyr Agîd Çîlo. Then, the students Zeinab Ibrahim, Khalida Ibrahim, Mufida Hamdi, Hevin Ali and Avjeen Abdo presented songs and poems to the soul of the martyr Agîd Çîlo on the commemoration of the 40th day of his martyrdom. Furthermore, poetic texts were read by Mohammed Abdi, Hussein Hussein, Sadeq Barakat, Sherin Sulaiman and Jihad Hamdosh who are members of the Democratic Society Education Committee.

At the end, the artist Mohammed Walid presented the song "LO WELATO" to the spirit of the martyr Agîd Çîlo.

The commemoration ceremony ended with chanting the slogans that salute the martyrs, the resistance of the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and the Resistance of the Age.


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