Committee for IDPs Serêkaniyê decries to seizure one Sheikh’s house

The Committee for the Displaced of Serêkaniyê condemned the seizure by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries of the house of one of the notables of the Serêkaniyê region, and turning it into the headquarters of an alleged clan council, after the notable refused to return to the city while it was under the yoke of the occupation.

Wednesday, the Committee for the Displaced of Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain / Resh Aino issued a written statement, which I attached with a picture of the violated house, a copy of which we received.

The Committee touched upon the continuing atrocities of Turkish occupation in Ras al Ain the armed factions backed by Turkish occupation sought to impose its legitimacy on its presence. So, used blackmailing and intimidation against the people in the region, real evidence what has happened with Mohammed Ali Sheikho Khalil one of the notables in the region, he was contacted after the occupation of the city, and they asked him to return to the city and live in his house in exchange for joining the civil council established by the Turkish occupation state, but Mr. Mohammad Ali Sheikho Khalil" did not accept the return while the city was occupied and its original inhabitants were displaced living in the camps. After this position, which represents the position of the people of the region, they seized his house and looted his property. After that, the mercenaries turned his house into the headquarters of the alleged and illegal Syrian Council of Tribes and Clans."

The committee emphasized: "The operations of seizing property, looting and plundering, and converting some agricultural lands into sites for the cultivation and promotion of narcotic substances in order to trade them has become a systematic policy that is being followed by the Turkish state and its affiliates from the factions affiliated under the so-called (Syrian National Army) and a feature of the occupying powers." It is no longer a secret to anyone the extent of the interdependence between the factions (the Syrian National Army) and terrorist organizations such as ISIS and Jabhat Tahrir al-Sham, which use the occupied areas to carry out terrorist operations inside and outside Syria.

The statement concluded: "We in the Committee for the Displaced of Serêkaniyê / Ras al-Ain / Resh Aino, at a time when we condemn this criminal act against the indigenous people, which aims to change the demographic composition of the occupied areas, we call on all local parties from the people of Ras al-Ain, including the dignitaries and tribal sheikhs residing there, and the regional and international forces to condemn these criminal acts and not to get involved with the Turkish occupier and his collaborators in war crimes and crimes against humanity, because we will not give up the right of safe return without occupation and documenting these grave violations and we will not be silent about them and we will seek to criminalize the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

T/ Satt.


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