Committee to Protect Journalists calls on Kurdistan Region authorities to investigate the torture of a journalist

On Thursday, the International Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) called on the authorities in Başûr (southern Kurdistan) to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into the journalist's restriction and torture of Adnan Rashidi, and hold those responsible for the attack accountable.

The journalist, Adnan Rashidi, who lives in the city of Benjuin, who is a Kurd from Rojhilat and works as an editor for the news site of the Kurdistan Human Rights Society, which monitors cases of human rights abuse in the Kurdish areas, was attacked on March 11.

The aggressors, who wore masks, identified themselves as working for Asayiş forces, punching Rashidi, beating him with sticks, handcuffing him and his legs, and then breaking his hands while asking him to hand over his electronic equipment and storage disks that carry information about activists in Iran, according to Rashidi.

According to Al-Hurra, Rashidi said that he had provided the information when he realized that the assailants were holding his wife and daughter, and, according to Rachidi, they photographed his wife after forcing her to strip.

The maskers left after taking the work equipment they had requested.

On March 17, Sulaymaniyah police in the province released a statement saying they had arrested two people suspected of involvement in the attack.

Ignacio Miguel, a representative of the Committee to Protect Journalists in the Middle East and North Africa, called for intolerance of the "brutal assault of Adnan Rashidi and his family."

Pictures published by the Kurdistan Human Rights Association showed that Rashidi had severe skull fractures and bruises, in addition to fractures of his hands and arms as a result of the attack.


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