Components of Afrin: We hope to hear news of ending isolation on April 4

The components of Afrin canton of Armenians, Yezidis and Christians considered the 70th birthday of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan "the sunrise after years of darkness on the peoples of the Middle East," and hoped to end the isolation imposed on Ocalan.

On April 4, the 70th anniversary of the birth of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, the Kurdish people and their friends celebrate the birth of Ocalan who has been detained by the Turkish state since 1999 after an international conspiracy. The Turkish state has not stopped by arresting him but has imposed a severe isolation on him.

A number of residents of Afrin canton, who were forced to displace from their homes after the Turkish aggression on the canton of Afrin and the occupation on 18 March 2018, talked to our agency, Hawar news agency on the occasion of the leader Ocalan's birthday.

Givar Adnan from the Yazidi community said, "April 4, Ocalan's birth, a new white page that created a pure life free of power and dictatorship over all humanity. Whoever applies the thought and philosophy of Ocalan is walking on the path of freedom."

Givar added that Erdogan will not be able to achieve his dreams and authority to arrest Ocalan because the people trust and seek to spread the ideology and philosophy of the democratic nation and the peoples' fraternity all over the world. We will not abandon our demands to achieve this project and achieve the freedom of Ocalan."

Hevin Ahemd of the Armenian component from Afrin canton said, "On this holy day, April 4, we hope it to bring the news of lifting the isolation imposed on the leader and achieving his freedom at the same time. On this occasion, we affirm our commitment and continuation on Ocalan's approach, who achieved sincere fraternity with his democratic idea."



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