​​​​​​​Condolence duty offered for martyr family

Hundreds of Al Sheix Maqsoud and Al Ashrafia neigborhoods offered the condolence duty to the relative of the martyr, Muhammad Hussein, who was martyred on duty in the neighborhood..

  People stood a silence moment in honor of the martyrs spirits, a speech was delivered on behalf of the forces of the internal security, by Haifa Qirt, another one was delivered on behalf of the Society Protection Forces by , Muhammad Ibish, and on behalf of Kongra Star, Zainab Ali, and the Martyrs families, Fatima Suleiman, Al Ashrafia Council, Salah Ahmed; all the speeches offered condolences for the relative of the martyr, wishing them patience and peace.

Speeches on the anniversary of the Turkish occupation attacks on Afrin praised the role of martyrs in countering the Turkish invasion and protecting the people from massacres,  they stressed that the  Age Resistance that  is continuing will triumph in the spirit of martyrs and the will of fighters who follow the path of their comrades.

 Son of the martyr, Shorash Hussein, thanked all the mourners and  vowed to follow his father's martyred approach in defending the land, people and protecting the martyrs' gains.




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