Conflict between Russia, Iran in Syria intensified

At a time when Syria is suffering from a shortage of fuel, the conflict between the oil-producing Russia and Iran is intensifying to control the Syrians and their will, while the Turkish High Electoral Commission announced the victory of Karam Imam Oglu in the Istanbul municipality.

On Thursday morning, the Arab newspapers touched upon to the fuel crisis in Syria and the Iranian –Russia competition on its lands.

Al-Quds al-Arabi: Missing oil and pictures of queues repeated... Russia and Iran in the cage of Syrian questions

A pro-Syrian newspaper said Syria is suffering from fuel shortage since an Iranian credit line was suspended six months ago and no Iranian oil tanker has arrived in the country since then as the country's fuel crisis worsened, according to Reuters.

The newspaper added, "The Syrians are circulating among themselves a question that may be simple: If Russia decided to send us a large tanker or two or three tankers, and operated these vessels at sea, whoever would dare to intercept or even look at them? They also said: Moscow is going to war barges, frigates and aircraft carriers whenever they want off the Syrian coast and no one in the universe intercepts its way or even look at it, thus, why does not the ally Russia send oil tankers?

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: The Cold War is raging between Russia and Iran in Syria

For its part, al-Sharq al-Awsat dealt with the conflict between Russia and Iran on the Syrian soil, and said, "The competition between Russia and Iran in the Syrian regime's areas has intensified to the extent that observers have described it as an undeclared Cold War between the two parties in order to control the country's resources and decision.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Wednesday, "The Russian-Iranian conflict continues to dominate the Syrian scene in light of the stagnation of the military operations, and only the land and air escalation in the north of Syria, as each party takes advantage of the general calm to stabilize its strength on the ground and expand the area of its influence and its extension in the way of unilateral control of the Syrian decision."

Al-Hayat: Opposition candidate takes over Istanbul mayor ... Waiting for result of Erdogan's party appeal

On the Turkish issue, al-Hayat said: "The Supreme Electoral Commission of Turkey announced the victory of the candidate of the People's Republican Party, Akram Imam Oglu, headed by the Municipality of Istanbul, after the completion of the recount, but the Committee is still examining a request applied by the ruling Justice and Development Party to re-voting in the city, citing "irregularities."

The Committee handed Imam Oglu a document in a gold frame that officially authorizes him to become mayor of the municipality during a ceremony in Istanbul court. Dozens of supporters of the Republican Peoples' Party gathered to pay tribute to Imam Oglu, upon his arrival at the offices of the Commission in the complex that houses the Palace of Justice in Istanbul.



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