Confrontations with the Turkish occupation in al-Bab

The residents of al-Bab and residents of Mount Sheikh Aqeel insist on continuing to demonstrate to demand the exit of the Turkish occupation from their city and the evacuation of the military bases built over their homes, which were forcibly abandoned by the occupation, the demonstrations turning into clashes between the people of the city of al-Bab and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and its soldiers.

The people of the city of al-Bab began to demonstrate in order to put pressure on the Turkish occupation to get out of the land it occupied and claimed that it would compensate its owners. On Tuesday, June 4 this month, the people of the city of al-Bab marched in front of the military base of the Turkish occupation at the top of Mount Sheikh Aqeel, assuring their adherence to their land and their rejection of the Turkish occupation policy and calling it "unjust."

The residents of the city of al-Bab demonstrated again in the same week on Friday, June 7, and making up their mind on protesting on Friday against the Turkish occupation, they returned on Friday June 14 and Friday, June 21, but the occupation resorted to confront the demonstrators every time trying to suppress and disperse the demonstrators by force to end the demonstration.

Every time the demonstrators come out with a banner written in Arabic and Turkish to be clear meanings of the Turkish occupation: "The owner of the convoy of freedom and Marmara, the Turkish army demolished the homes of the people of Mount Sheikh Aqeel with all its contents and the parents have become homeless and prevent them from taking their money and property from their homes because the military base was built above their homes. Do you want the return of Gamal Pasha or the return of Sultan Mohammed al-Fateh?"

However, the Turkish occupation escalated the response to the demonstrators yesterday and equipped its mercenaries with clubs and shields to stop the demonstration by force, and as a result, many of the demonstrators were injured and local sources confirmed that the hospitals in the city of al-Bab did not receive such cases.

The Turkish occupation provoked the demonstrators by beating the elderly men and trying to arrest some of the demonstrators, prompting demonstrators to confront the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation and soldiers by taking sticks and beating them, and sources close to the demonstrators that they will continue to demonstrate and confront the occupation at any cost.

It is noteworthy that the occupied city of al-Bab is witnessing clashes between the mercenaries themselves in addition to frequent explosions constantly under the domination of the Turkish occupation on the aspects of life in the city.


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