Congra Star: struggle on until Afrin liberated

The Congra Star has indicated that the Turkish State via attacks on Afrin is retaliating ISIS that was defeated in the region, asserting that struggle would proceed until Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi are all  liberated and protecting the gains made by the women's revolution, calling on the international associations to intervene and bear their responsibility to put an end to the Turkish Occupation and pave the way for people to return home.    

A statement was released by the Congra Star Coordination on the occasion of the third annual of the Turkish Offensive against Afrin, corresponding on January 20th, 2018, in which the Turkish Offensive was condemned stressing that Afrin was ''of the most secure and safest areas prior to the Turkish Occupation''. 

The statement was initiated :'' after three years of occupation of the Afrin Canton, that was encountered via unprecedented resistance to all species of Turkish weapons and planes, the resistance that commenced from border to the city center with popular resistance, and lasted for 58 days, and many sacrifices were made of whom Martyr Avesta and Martyr Barine, it was all due to all kinds of highly advanced weapons and planes enabled Turkey to occupy Afrin in addition to tens of thousands of Jihadist mercenaries under the cloak of the Syrian National Army covered internationally''.     

The statement confirmed that '' all the international interests met, that led to agreements and bargains to allocate  the Syrian soil at the expense of the Syrian people that was forced by the occupation to leave home, after looting, robbing and blood shedding as well as war crimes and destructing antiques, cutting down trees, demographic change, forbiddance of the mother tongue and imposing the Turkish''.  

The statement went to read'' Afrin had been of the most secure and safest areas prior to the Turkish Occupation, and a safe haven to displaced persons from the Syrian Inland that was ravaged by the war there, and it was home to coexistence and cultural diversity, as the Autonomous Administration was the most proper solution to the war and all types of religious, pan-nationalist and sectarian extremism and fanaticism for that it was stricken by the Turkish State by all available means as it was perceived as a threat to it's tyrannical rule, in addition to retaliation for the ISIS mercenary groups after they were defeated, and to strike at our gains, as the actual reality of ISIS is being revealed via practices adopted by the Turkish State and the affiliated mercenary groups in the occupied areas''.     

''that was not enough for the  Turkish State, rather it continued to violate and strike at the democratic nation project as Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi were also occupied, and the relentless attacks carried out on Shahba, Ain Issa, Zarghan and Tal Tamr, as all international associations and the international community preserve silence'',

The statement condemned silence preserved by the international organizations in reference to attacks carried out against Afrin by the Turkish Occupation Forces '' we condemn and denounce all these international bodies that back the genocide and the cultural extermination perpetrated by the Turkish Occupation Forces and the affiliated mercenary groups in the region, as well as the demographic change and arbitrary displacement and breaches carried out on daily bases against the people and land of Afrin as all these bodies preserve silence''.

The statement was concluded by assuring that struggle  would go on until Afrin is liberated '' we pledge to intensify struggle until Afrin, Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi are all liberated and gains protected and follow suit martyrs and putting into practise the democratic nation project''.



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