​​​​​​​Congratulating its 23rd founding anniversary.. KNK affirms its stand against occupation and attacks

​​​​​​​ The KNK congratulated the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) on the 23rd anniversary of its founding, and said that the conference worked to establish a lobby, and win peoples' friendship for the legitimacy of the Kurdish people's cause.

 Today, Tuesday, the Presidium of the Kurdistan National Congress issued a statement on the 23rd anniversary of the founding of the Congress.

 The text of the statement stated:

 The Kurdistan National Congress entered its twenty-third year with the courage, struggle of its members, fans and aides.  22 years of persistent work have passed for the cause of the Kurdish people and their legitimate rights, reaching the unity of the ranks and adhering to national unity, and a unified diplomatic understanding, working to win the friendship of peoples for the legitimacy of the cause of the Kurdish and Kurdistan people, and over the past few days have completed all the conferences and meetings that took place in an orderly manner.  The success and organization of hundreds of conferences and extensive meetings in international institutions and parliaments of countries on the issue of Kurdistan, accomplished thousands of observers and diplomats in order to establish a lobby and publicize the Kurdish issue, and organized dozens of conferences, consultative meetings and internal dialogues at the national and national levels. The Kurdish National Congress has become a bridge between  Kurdish parties, institutions, and personalities of Kurdish Kurdistan and Kurdish ethnicities.

 This work and achievement was thanks to the continuous struggle of the members and supporters of the Kurdistan National Congress, and here it is pointed out that so far, no national and patriotic stand like the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has appeared in the course of history to continue its struggle over 22 years of work and struggle without stopping.  There is no doubt that there was no shortage of KNK becoming more powerful and playing its national and patriotic role more effectively, and there is a necessity for continuous work and struggle in earnest, the necessity of a precise strategic vision, and the necessity of integrating all Kurds with all their affiliations.  The Kurdistan National Congress was an important platform for the struggle in its struggle for the freedom of the Kurdistan people and a continuous supporter of the struggle of the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan.

KNK was always standing in the face of all attacks and occupation, and played his vanguard role.

 We congratulate our people on the anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), the souls of the martyrs of the path of freedom, the pride of Kurdistan and humanity, all the families of the honorable martyrs, all the members who struggled in the first campaigns, and who are now struggling on the battlefronts, all the honorable prisoners of Kurdistan, and Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, who thanks to his suggestions  And his attempts to establish the Kurdish National Congress.  When he was met with his lawyer in prison, his first request was the establishment of this conference, and he was saying: In order to reach national unity, hurry to work.  As well as all the freedom fighters Guerilla, the guerrillas, the People's Protection Units, and the souls of the members who left."



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