Congratulatory telegram from TEV-DEM on Red Wednesday occasion

On the occasion of the New Year's Day of the Yazidis, the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) has congratulated the Yazidis and the peoples of the region with all their religious, beliefs and culture demanding all world peace forces and all the peoples in the Middle East to unite in accordance with truth, the principle of co-existence, peoples' fraternity and unity of destiny.

This came through congratulatory telegram from TEV-DEM on the occasion of the "Red Wednesday," and the telegram included:

"On the occasion of the Red Wednesday, the New Year of the Yazidi Kurds, we extend our warmest congratulations to our Kurdish people in general and the Yazidis in particular, especially the leader Ocalan who, through his modern philosophy, redefined the true and fundamental definition of the Yazidi religion, and gave it a natural status among the Kurdistan community in general. We also extend our congratulations to all fighters, rebels and the fighters of the People and Women Protection Unit (YPG, YPJ), the Şengal Resistance Units and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who were the first defenders of the Yazidi Kurds against Daesh attacks.

The Red Wednesday or New Year's Day of the Yazidis has great religious and national meanings, especially celebrating it in April, where the nature is covered with its green color again, and re-blossomed with flowers. It is the occasion of the resurrection and renewal of life, which in itself means the continuation of new foundations and new philosophy, maintaining the highest values of human. The essence of the Red Wednesday represents the peace and co-existence among all components of the Mesopotamia region in harmony.

In (TEV-DEM) and on this occasion, we congratulate the people of the region in all their religions, beliefs and cultures, in the foremost the Yazidi Kurds, and we call on all the world peace forces and all the peoples of the Middle East to unite in accordance with the truth and principles of co-existence, peoples' fraternity and the unity of destiny.



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