Congress next week discusses sanctions on Turkey

Next week, the US House of Representatives will discuss a draft resolution on sanctions against Turkey over its purchase of Russian S-400 systems, after putting pressure from members of the House.

The House Foreign Policy Committee announced that it will discuss next week a draft resolution on sanctions against Turkey on the back of the purchase of Russian air defense systems "S-400"

If the bill is approved by the committee, it will also need to be approved by the Senate and House of Representatives for its entry into force, after it has been signed by US President Donald Trump.

Congress criticized Trump for not wanting additional sanctions against Ankara.

The bill calls for sanctions against Turkey over the purchase of the S-400, in accordance with the Gusta Penal Code, and further limits US arms sales to Ankara.

US lawmakers from both parties in the United States have been pressing US President Donald Trump to punish Turkey for buying the Russian system.



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