Consensus between Sisi, Trump on Libyan situation

The Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi held talks with his American counterpart Donald Trump on the developments of the Libyan crisis and the implications of the current escalation in the country on the entire regional stability.

The Egyptian Presidency announced that agreement was reached between the two presidents to stabilize the cease-fire in Libya and lack of escalation in preparation for the start of activating dialogue and political solutions.

The Official Spokesperson for the Egyptian Presidency, Ambassador Bassam Rady, said that el-Sisi reviewed Egypt's consistent strategic position on the Libyan issue, aimed at restoring the balance of the pillars of the state and preserving its national institutions.

He stressed Egypt's keenness to prevent further deterioration of the security situation by undermining illegal foreign interventions in the Libyan issue because it has not only increased the issue complicated and escalated, so that the repercussions of the crisis affect the security and regional stability as a whole.

For his part, the American President expressed his understanding of the concerns related to the negative repercussions of the Libyan crisis on the region, praising the Egyptian efforts to the Libyan issue, which would enhance the course of the political process in Libya

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