​​​​​​​Constant incitement, ploys by Barzani family ... What goes on against Yazidis?

"divide-and-conquer" strategy has always been the basis for most of the ruling regimes to force any people or even religious component to support their policies for their interests.

The Yazidi religion is one of the earliest faiths in the Middle East, where its adherents have historically suffered woes and genocidal campaigns, not to mention the systematic distortion of their beliefs and culture, putting them at the forefront of direct attacks by some Islamic radicals.

And the Yazidi religion is found in Muslims, Syriacs, Assyrians, Armenians, and various other beliefs inhabited areas.

In Şengal, the homeland of the Yazidi religion and the deep-rooted Kurdish culture treasury came under repeated attacks hundreds of years ago. As a result of the policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the federal Iraqi government, they lived in a region full of conflict, losing many of their civil, political and religious rights.

Despite the efforts of the abovementioned governments to keep their control on this historically burdened region with suffering and tragedies, the Yazidis left alone to face the brutality of the so-called fanatic ISIS mercenaries in 2014 following the notorious withdrawal of the supposed to be Kurdish brothers from the Peshmergas forces on the holy duty to protect this vulnerable Kurdish minority. The Iraqi army left the borders of Şengal during the fall of Mosul to ISIS

Since then, the two forces have been trying to impose their control on the Yazidi cause by all the aspects locally, regionally and internationally. October 9th agreement to be the first attempt of direct intervention in the Yazidi cause to divide people of Şengal. They are opposed to and want to leave Şengal, fearing of other tragedies against them.

Here, we are not going to flash back Şengal events, and those who resisted ISIS from the People Defense Forces and the People's Protection Units and Women ( YPG, YPJ), who opened the way for thousands of those who took shelter in Mount Şengal, brought them to Rojava regions, and worked to help the Yazidi youth and supply them with weapons to form their own forces, "Şengal Resistance Units"(YBŞ) to protect and liberate their areas from mercenaries. We are not in the point of explaining the terms of the agreement and talking about it.

The KDP, which failed in its mission to exterminate the Yazidis, is trying by all ways in cooperation with new "alleys" in order to control of the Yazidi scene again with the help of some Yezidis, who benefits from its new presence in Şengal, "money for loyalty and take advantage of insecurity in Şengal, especially with the start of the wave of return from the camps of Başur Kurdistan.

The Turkish warplanes bombing and intelligence operations in Şengal aimed at causing a rift in their community. Barzani family assassinations of Yezidi activists outside Şengal, incite revenge among the Yazidis themselves, killing people from the Arab Shammar tribe and accusing the Yazidi youth of that.

The Barzani family succeeded in tilting some of the Yazidi personalities in their favor, in many ways, such as threats and greed for money and positions.

The Yazidi emirate during the attack on Şengal, the current Yazidi prince Hazem Tahsin Bey, and the Shesho family “Qasim and Haydar Shesho,” who were formerly loyal to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, were among those who became Barzani loyal for their interests.

The death of Prince Tahsin Bey and Sheikh Kharto Ismail "Bab al-Sheikh" was an opportunity for the KDP to take advantage of it for finding an alternative emir and a new Baba to cause further rifts in the Yazidi community between Qasim and Haydar Shesho on the one hand and Tahsin Bey and Ali Babi Sheikh, "The new Baba Sheikh", on the other hand.

Especially when Qasim suddenly came out in a live broadcast on Facebook, to announce his resignation from the Kurdistan Democrat and the leadership of the Peshmerga Şengal "under the pretext that Hazem Tahsin Bey, loyal to the Barzani family, ordered the Asayish Dohuk to prevent the leaders and clerics of Mount Şengal from participating In the selection ceremony of the new Baba Sheikh, Ali Baba Sheikh, without referring to the opinion of "Şengal Mountain."

What calls into question the subject of the resignation that confirms it is KDP's ploy, that Hazem Tahsin Bey and Qasem Shesho are among the best loyal to it and they cannot admit anything without the approval of the Barzani family, since the resigned Shesho revealed that the KDP was sending him 650 thousand dollars on a monthly basis, that is, Shesho tries to confuse the opinion of the rest of the Yezidi leaders on Mount Şengal, and push them to reject categorically the appointing of Hazem Tahsin Bey for the new Baba Sheikh without referring to them.

What the KDP did through Hazem is also transgressing the inherited customs in choosing the new Baba Sheikh, who is supposed to be appointed in Lalish, a Yazidi holy temple, but his appointment in the conference hall in Dohuk is also a plan by the democrat to cause more chaos among the Yazidis.

The Bazrani family are inciting the two as a main center of gravity in the Yazidi street, which is fueling the state of division.

In view of the post-bilateral agreement between Baghdad and Hewler, the need to dislocate the Yazidi community and strike it in its most important religious centers (the emirate and Baba Sheikh) so that the Yazidis do not have any unified sacred reference, thus they can be easily controlled to make the Yazidi religion empty of its religious and cultural content; it also strikes all the deep-rooted religious traditions and customs, to be controlled by people loyal to him, and the Yazidi Spiritual Council loses the sanctity that Yazidis know.

Returning to the inauguration ceremony of Baba Sheikh Kharto Ismail, the "deceased" in Lalish in the summer of 1995, we find that the attendees were members of the Spiritual Council, the Emir at the time, and some Yazidi clerics only, but the large crowd of pro-democracy supporters gathered in Lalish and the media affiliated to him, which reported the event of the appointing Ali Baba Sheikh confirms what the Barzani family intends to do.



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